Active Dancing

Loving Hip Hop - Being Active

Dancing is a great way to exercise, maintain one’s weight, lose weight, and learn new ways to move the body. You can do it alone or with your friends or in a group. There are many varieties of dance forms that you can try. Also, there are many ways to access them today through online, programs, classes, friends, and more. Here are some dance forms to try:

  • Hip hop dancing is a great way to lose body weight because it involves moving all the muscles in your body. It has a lot of jumping, leg and arm movements, and body strength. Many moves  are improvise and can be self taught or taught by others.
  • Traditional dancing differs from culture to culture. Some are focused on graceful movements, others focus on precision, but all of them requires the body to exercise. Traditional dancing combines knowledge, history, culture, and exercise, which is another great way to part of something and is healthy for the body.
  • Jazz dancing is a classical dance form, but nowadays, there are modern versions of it as well. Jazz is often includes groups of people more than individuals, but one person can dance to it too. Jazz dance even has their own music to dance to, jazz music.
  • Tap dance involves using using the feet to tap the metal part of the shoes to make percussion like noises. This dance is put into two categories: rhythm (jazz) tap and Broadway tap. Rhythm tap is focus on the music and Broadway tap is focused on the dance. Either way, this dance form is fun to try and a great way to move your legs.

There are many other dance forms not mentioned, but here are a just a few options out there. It is really up to you to decide which one suits you best. It doesn’t mean you have to stick with one dance form, you should always try different things. Have fun exercising and dancing!

Playing vs. Exercising


Sometimes we are active in playing and it can even result in a smaller version of the body exercising. But playing and exercising are two different activities. Playing is for the enjoyment of the moment, being entertained and can even be social. Exercise is rigorously being active and burning body energy/fat. So if you want to be active instead of ‘playing’, allow your body to feel the burn.

How do you know when you actively exercising? It is quite easy to tell from these common signs that your body gives off in response:

  • Sweating frequently
  • Heart rate increases and remain at a high rate for the moment of working out
  • Muscles are used more than usual
  • Feel thirsty and the intake of water increase

You don’t have work out like the traditional ways if you like being entertained at the same time. Sometimes, people say that exercising is boring and yes, it can be so boring just doing the same thing over again. But finding ways to preoccupied your mind can help you get started. Like for example:

  • Listen to music that pumps you up
  • Mix exercise routines from jogging to yoga to dance, etc.
  • Take advantage of technology and watch your favorite shows while jogging, step climbing, etc.
  • Best thing to make it easier: Work out with a partner or a friend!

So remember to play frequently and exercise daily. Both are good for the body and the brain. Being active and sociable is always a plus!