White Rice or Brown Rice?



There are many articles that debates whether it is healthier to eat white rice or brown rice. It is a controversial topic as many people do share different opinions about their risks and benefits. But at the end of the day, it really just depends on the individual. Here are some important points that you should know because not exactly one is worse than the other.

1. If you have been eating white or brown rice since young and on a daily basis, it won’t cause a dramatic difference in your health. Compare this situation as opposed to those who just or recently started consuming rice on a daily basis. Their bodies may not be showing great responses, but it doesn’t mean that rice is bad for everyone. It could be how their bodies process rice differently (which may cause weight gain/loss, etc.) or the brand of the rice that they’re consuming. So don’t assume that just because eating rice isn’t well for others, it doesn’t mean that it’s a bad food.

2. Many other cultures rely on different based carbs (besides rice) like wheat, oatmeal, grains, and more. They come in many varieties as breads, noodles, bagels, pasta, and more. So if you want to cut out rice completely from your diet, there are other available options for you to choose from.

3. Brown rice is really not that much ‘better’ than white rice in terms of fiber and health benefits as the media like to say. When brown rice is produced, the outermost layer is the only layer removed which still leaves some of its nutrients and fiber behind. It is an healthier alternative to white rice since white rice are basically stripped of everything besides the starchy component. But don’t rely on brown rice as source of fiber because “each cup of brown rice contains only 3.5 grams of fiber for every 45 grams of complex carbohydrates.This means you would have to eat FIVE cups of brown rice (225 grams of extra carbs) just to get HALF of your daily fiber intake”. – http://4cyclefatloss.com

Instead, try to consume more vegetables and fruits daily. They contain more fiber without you eating too much calories. The best part is that you can put them into many different kinds of foods and dishes such as stir fry, salads, side dishes, spices, and more.

4. It’s not about what you eat only, but what you do to stay active. Just by switching out one type of food out isn’t going to help you lose weight or maintain a healthy lifestyle. Sure, it’s okay to eat better and you may even see results. But it has been provender by people and data that exercise and diet really does go hand in hand together. When you are consistent and doing both at the same time, you are bound to be more healthier than just doing one.

5. Just mix both! If you really can’t decide between the two and don’t want to give up either, eating them together solves it easily. Mix rice is another great alternative for people to try because it can help the body adapt to the different types of rice better. Suddenly switching out one kind of rice to another won’t let your body have the time to process the rice and it can cause a negative reaction.