Spread the Awareness of Obesity!



“Physical education programs are being cut from schools due to competing priorities. And unfortunately, this not only hurts kids’ health, but it hinders their ability to learn as well. In order to help #ProtectPE, we all need to be informed about the state of physical education across the country and in our own communities.” – Rightful owner

Nowadays, kids are less active compared to the past due to the recent technology advancement and less funding for physical ed programs. More kids are staying inside at their school and home without getting much opportunity to be active outside and during school hours.



“Obesity rates have soared over the past four decades. Today, more than 23 million kids and teenagers — nearly a third — are overweight or obese.” – http://www.preventobesity.net/

It’s important to remember that physical activity is very important for not only your health, but also to your well being. This is the true goal of help kids stay active! What are the positive benefits of being physical active:

  • Burning off energy = stress level decrease, burn calories
  • At schools, it helps students concentrate during class and in their studies when they are able to have breaks in between.
  •  Test your knowledge of physical activity in schools linked here!