Spring Cleaning!



It’s that time of the year again to clean your house after winter! Do you know what you should be throwing out and recycling? There are many things to consider that you had stored up from the past year. Don’t stress! Here’s a quick breakdown so check out list below:

  • Have you checked if there’s any medication that has already expired? “This Saturday, April 30 is National Prescription Drug Take-Back Day. Collect your leftover prescription drugs and take them to a local site for a safe way to dispose of medication.” -usagov
  • Got books you don’t read anymore? If they are still in good condition, you can always donate them to your local organizations or sell them. If not, you can recycle them along with your other recyclable materials.
  • Old clothes/shoes? The easiest method is to donate unwanted clothes and shoes that are in fair condition. Also, you can sell them to stores, online retailers, or at a garage sale.
  • Yard cleaning! It is not always fun, but tidying up your yard will really help your grass grow and your yard looking cleaner. To recycle dead materials, buy recyclable paper bags at your local stores.