Korea: Metal & Flat Chopsticks

Take on glance at Korean chopsticks and you will notice the difference right away. Compared to other Asian countries that uses round chopsticks, Korean chopsticks are flat. And if you were to hold a pair of Korean chopsticks you would feel that it is more heavily weighed. That is because unlike most chopsticks which are made out of wood and bamboo, they are usually made out of metal or stainless steel.

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One theory suggested that silver chopsticks were used because it could detect poison and change color if there was any. This detection would’ve been very important in the royal palace where the king’s food was always inspected. Another theory of the origins of metal chopsticks was the availability of metal in Korea where it was much easier to obtain than wood and bamboo. Deforestation could’ve been another reason why the people turned to using metals. In the end, one can tell that Korea has distinctive chopsticks which they’re known for.


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Here are some benefits to using Korean chopsticks:

  • Much more sanitary as they are easier to clean and maintain
  • Reusable and last longer compared to other materials
  • You don’t have to invest in high quality chopsticks as cheap ones are usually good quality
  • Chopsticks are paired with a spoon so it is cost effective


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