This Month in Japan | February

Kisaragi is the old Japanese name for February, meaning “wear still more clothes” to protect against cold February winters in Japan.

National Foundation Day is February 11 and is the only national holiday this month. This is the date that Jimmu, the first emperor of Japan, was enthroned as documented in the Nihon Shoki(Chronicles of Japan). Today, there are many celebrations and events that occur in February. It is a popular month to play in and enjoy the beauty of snow!” – Rightful owner

Listed down below are other events that occurs throughout Japan!

  • Setsubun (Feb 3) is thought to be the day before spring. During this period, people will visit shrines and pray for evil spirits to go away either by throwing beans outside of their house or by visiting shrines. And people eat roasted soybeans to bring in good luck and some believes it will bring in extra years of living.


  • Sapporo Snow Festival is held seven days in early Feb and features amazing snow statues. It is a popular attraction for people to attend because of the snow sculptures and the variety of regional foods that surrounds the area.
  • Ashikawa Winter Festival (early Feb) is another event that holds snow sculptures, festival foods, and winter activities. It is hosted in the city of Ashikawa and is another popular attraction, especially for family with children.


  • Otaru Snow Light Path Festival is celebrated for 10 days in early Feb where it features lanterns, festive foods, and fun snow sculptures as well! It is located in the western part of Hokkaido and usually occurs on similar days as the Sapporo Snow Festival.
  • Tokyo Marathon (February 28) is an annual marathon event that is hosted in Tokyo and it is one of the biggest marathon that occurs around the world.
  • Japanese Valentine’s Day (Feb 14) is a popular holiday and celebrated throughout Japan with a tradition of girls giving chocolates to the guys.


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