Postcard Highlights of 2016

2016 has ended and it’s officially 2017! To wrap up another year of successful the bicultural healthy living blog, here is a list of postcards highlighted from each month.


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Postcard Highlights for August | 2016

This month’s postcards are focused on nature and self-reflection. Remember that one’s perspective determines how they see and fell about things. It’s up to you to decide the positives and negatives in your life. Also, it’s good to be reminded that enjoying the simple things over extravagant luxuries could be more self-fulfilling. It could be spending more time with loved ones, going out to your community, or trying something new.



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Postcard Highlights for March | 2016

Check out the postcards created for the Month of March by AMA Youths and staffs! We encourage healthy youth messages and want to share our knowledge with the community!



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Blog link to this postcard here!

The Truth About Restaurant Food‏ & Eating Out Tips


AMA’s STEP UP Youth 2015

Eating out can be a fun and social activity thing to do. But of course, it is not always healthy and cheap to eat out. Be aware that restaurant food can be just as unhealthy as fast food. Here are some reasons why:

  • Dishes can contain up to the same or more amount of salt, fat, and calories like fast food. Think about the total intake that comes from the appetizers, main dish, and side dishes.
  • Sometimes, it’s best to skip out on appetizers. Often time, people can’t finish their main course because they’re already full from the appetizers.
  • Are the food cleaner? This can vary from restaurants to restaurants. If you’re interested where the restaurants you eat at source their foods from, you can always ask the owner or do your own research.
  • Try not to order anything to drink besides water. Water is your body’s best friend and is an essential part of your diet. It’s free and keeps you hydrated.
  • Big plates equals big servings. Psychologically, when you have a big plate you feel like you need to fill it up with food. It relates to the old saying “your eyes can eat more than your stomach”. So it’s wise to portion your food and not over eat.

Postcard of the Week: Bicultural Healthy Living


The spread of cultural awareness, acceptance, and knowledge has continue to rise as society become more open towards different kinds of people. Today we celebrate all kinds of things; such as holidays, ethnic identities, and more. Embracing our differences is what brings people together. Here are some ways you can experience different cultures:

  • Eat ethnic food! It’s fun, fast,y and will allow you to really test your palate. Also, it’s easy to access (global markets, groceries, restaurants) or make on your own.
  • Research about or attend a museum dedicated to the group. It’ll help give you historical, cultural, and facts about the culture you’re interested in.
  • Interact with people from those cultures! Best experience for you to understand another culture on a deeper level is talk to the people from that culture. They can give you more information that you wouldn’t find by yourself.
  • Listen to their music! Most likely that another culture may speak a different language or the same, but with a bit of difference. Listening to their music can give you an understanding what they like, value, and how they celebrate.
  • Understand their native environment! It has a lot to do with how the group developed and use their environment in terms of their food, clothes, housing, hunting, traditions, and more.

Postcard of the week: “Peace Of Mind”


Being at peace is truly a relaxing experience. But we are all busy with our own schedules and stress can get the best of us. So whenever you can, do something positive for yourself and just enjoy your life as it is now. We weren’t created just to work, but do things that we find happiness in also.

  • Go somewhere where you can enjoy the view, become surrounded by nature, read a inspiring book, take a walk or a drive around the block, or take a nice bubble bath. Some quiet time can allow you to process and think on a deeper level. You will have a better understanding of your situations and life.
  • Have a partner or friend or a family member to go somewhere or talk with you. Having someone to talk to can help you better understand issues you have and want to solve. Most importantly, having someone listen to you is very comforting.
  • Interact with animals can help you de-stress and forget about your worries. They offer you warmth, curiosity, and entertainment. If you have a pet yourself, even better. If you don’t, you can go visit a local zoo or aquarium or a pet store.

Most importantly, take every day as a chance to improve and to become a better you. Every day is a opportunity to do something for others, ourselves, and for the greater good.