Being a Flexible Planner

Things don’t always go according to plan and it could be upsetting. Whether you’re an organized person or not, we all hope that the plans we make could go accordingly and smoothly. The key to counter this is by thinking about possible alternatives, keeping a open mind, and understanding that it is not the end of the world. Here are some tips to help you be a flexible planner:

  1. Keep track of things. Set up reminders, write things down, or use a calendar to help you keep track of small to big events, goals, or dreams. It helps you the most when you take steps to motivate yourself.
  2. Make back up plans. Ask yourself what you plan to next do next if your initial plan doesn’t work out. Although you may end up getting sidetracked to point b instead of point a, just know that it can be a new opportunity for you to do something else.
  3. Throw away your feelings of dejection/rejection. It doesn’t mean that you are left with no options, in fact, there’s too many options out there in the world today. Take the time to reevaluate your situation and think about what is it that you really want to do or achieve. If you’re over/under qualified for something, seek better opportunities suited for you or seek out opportunities to improve areas in which you can work on.
  4. Being flexible means you’re open to new things. Don’t be too strict on yourself in life or refrain yourself from experiencing that you’re not used to. Even if the experience was positive/negative, you have least learn something and gain new information. Also keep in mind that it is your perspective that will influence your experiences in life and to be self-aware of your own thought process.

Become Determine


Becoming determine is something can be either easy or hard to do. The only way to develop your own determination is to become inspire (by literally anything). Inspiration can come from different things such as dance, art, music, and any experiences you’ve had. Whatever your goal is, don’t stress about the end result and think more about the beginning process. Here are tips on how to become determine:

1. Start out small. Make your goal by thinking realistically. Set out the times and steps of how you want to achieve you goal. Don’t try to jump onto the middle or the end instantly. You will not get the results you want.

2. It takes time. Nothing comes easily or quickly. Patience is really the key to achieve anything. Don’t rush or slow down the time you set out for yourself because by doing so may lengthen the wait.

3. Be consistent. Keep up with your schedule to stay motivated; you must try to keep up with every step. Try to avoid falling behind because it may cause you to feel less motivated to continue.

4. Actions speak louder than words. If you want to become determine, actually do something about it by taking the steps and following the plans you set out for yourself. Feeling and believing that you are determine is a much better way to motivate you to achieve your goals.

So the point is that if you set out a goal that you believe you can achieve by following through with your plans, it’s possible to reach it. After all, the ending reward will make you feel even more accomplished.