Ways to Help Cope With Social Anxiety



Being in a social environment can be daunting and very uncomfortable to many people. It is a problem that many of us face when being put an socially awkward position. Or even the thoughts of having to socialize or being in a social place can make people anxious. Some people may have social anxiety worse than others or experience it in different ways, locations, and situations.

According to http://www.webmd.com/, social anxiety or social phobia is an “anxiety disorder in which a person has an excessive and unreasonable fear of social situations. Anxiety (intense nervousness) and self-consciousness arise from a fear of being closely watched, judged, and criticized by others.” Some symptoms include:

  • Experiencing intense anxiety
  • Sweating
  • Increase in heart rate
  • Avoidance of social situations
  • More at -> http://www.webmd.com/

Here are some ways to help people cope with social anxiety:

  • Make sure to go to your doctor or local clinic to help you if you think you are experiencing social anxiety in unusual or extreme ways. If it is heavily impacting you, it would be very helpful for you to receive help and be aware of your medical condition. Ask your doctor if there is a possibility that it could be linked to another illness or a result of medications that you may be currently on.
  • Practice your social skills with close family, friends, and relative members. The more comfortable you are with yourself, you can start to relax and worry less. They will help you slowly communicate and adjust to social situations. Try different conversation starters, questions, and follow-up responses. Put yourself in social settings so that you can become more used to social settings.
  • Try to avoid thinking about what other people think about you. Whether they may or may not be judging you, you are in charge of how you feel about yourself. Concerning yourself over how you appear to others is not worth your time. Other’s judgements does not evaluate you as an individual.
  • Understand that you are not the only one who experience or goes through this. As part of growing up and developing, expect to be placed in weird situations, expect to be given endless criticisms, expect to have unwanted judgements, and above the all. You can’t stop it or avoid it, but you can learn and grow from it. You will eventually develop your own resilience, have thicker skin, and understand that not everyone wants to be your friend or perceive you in positive ways.
  • Your mental health is very important because it determines how you perceive and respond to stressful situations. Invest in some time for yourself to reorganize your thoughts, worries, goals, and such. Do little things that help make your life easier, simpler, or healthier.

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