Bicultural Healthy Living

Bicultural healthy living is increasingly recognized by all. Many students in China choose to study abroad or volunteer, which more and more people begin to accept cultural diversity.

Communication is an important mean of expressing yourself because it exists different ways of expression and so different kind of communication depending on the culture you belong to.

Bicultural and diversified is essential if we want to know more about culture. That is why cross-cultural communication is an essential exercise to do. A person who come from a certain country does not a certain country does not necessarily get the same ideas about dietary habit, time, identity.

I have an opportunity to volunteer in the United States so that I cherish this opportunity of cultural exchange very much. There is no doubt that this experience will be unforgettable.

My host family is in Saint Paul. I live with two Chinese friends called Grace and Leslie. The hostess of host family is Gayle. She is a French teacher at the university of Minnesota. Objects of Chinese and American food from eating the contents, Chinese people eat vegetables every day, much more than Americans, although Americans eat a lot of protein everyday.

However, there are two sides to everything. To illustrate, I’m not used to the food here, which they like to eat some healthy food such as mushroom and pumpkins. To a great extent, it was a difficult process for me to adapt to this diet. I, however, think is a very good opportunity to experience life in America, so I firmly believe that it’s not a great challenge for me.

I know that there are great cultural differences between the American and China, I know that there will be many challenges such as communication in the next four weeks. But, I am greatly convinced that I will be able to adapt to the language environment here.

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