Why You Should Be Eating More Fruits!

There are definetly easy ways in which you can improve your eating habits. Whether there’s a certain goal that you want to reach, the best mindset is to start out small. Don’t focus on the end result because it’s more about what you can do now than worrying about the future!

Eating fruits is an easy way to consume healthier food and can you in providing your daily vitamins. The best part is that you can choose fruits to your liking and incorporate them into your meals. Fruits can be eaten by itself, as a side dish/desert, or in a mixed salad. The benefits of fruits varies from each fruit. Also, if you’re craving something sweet, eating fruits is a great and healthier option!

A healthy lifestyle with a good eating habits will help maintain and keep your body healthy. Of course, it is okay to indulge yourself into your cravings every now and then. Some things to keep in mind:

  • Try to drink water on a daily basis/as much as possible. Going on a couple hours without¬†drinking water can leave your body dehydrated and possibly affecting other parts of your body. Your skin, lips, and hair will show signs of dehydration more than any other parts of your body.
  • Daily exercise is necessary to being/becoming healthy. Whether it’s short/long and doing a easy/mediocre/intense workout is up to you. Also, try to leave time (30 min-1 hour) to work out (possibly 2-3x a week).
  • Sleep is very important for your body to rest and reenergize! So try to get at least 7-8 hours of sleep per night! Consistent sleepless nights can do more damage to your body than you know.


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