3 New Year Resolutions For You!


As the ending of 2015 comes nearer, it is that time again of the year where people make new resolutions! Don’t stress making big goals to achieve and instead, focus on the small things you can do. Have you got goals any yet? Here are some resolutions that you can try to achieve for 2016!

  1. Want to start a healthier lifestyle? They say that “An apple a day, keep the doctor away”, but the point is that eating healthier foods will help improve your health. So try to avoid food with hight contents of saturated fat, oil, sugar, and sodium! It cannot be stressed enough as more than 1/3 of adults are obese in the U.S. So putting that with other healthy activities like exercising, your sleeping cycle, drinking water, and other things, will improve your overall health!
  2. Feeling like you need to try new things/activities/hobbies? It’s never to late to be part of something whether it is to make new friends, raise awareness, or just to have fun. Join community clubs, events, and be part of something bigger! Sometimes it is not easy putting yourself out there but if you do, you’ll get to meet people that you wouldn’t have been able to! The best part is that you would meet people who share similar interest
  3. Help save the planet! 2015 was a huge year that raised global awareness to global warming! If you are looking for a cause to support this is a major one as every living thing rely on the Earth! If you can’t contribute much to this cause, you can always try to lessen the trash/waste you put out. A few tips are to compost your foods, recycle when you can, reduce electricity and gas usage, & such! If we can all try to a live a a minimal lifestyle, then the Earth will greatly benefit from it!

DPS Video: Only One Choice

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This holiday, make sure you are driving sober. For the safety of yourself and other people, it is recommended that you either stay sober or have a designated driver. It is important that safe driving is enforced, especially during the holidays as many people are going to different places.

Students from Chanhassen High School and Chaska High School have an important message for parents during this holiday season. The video – “Only One Choice” -shows how parents can be a part of their kids’ lives — now and for years to come. Of course, it applies to everyone so that people are less likely to be harmed while driving on the roads.

Extra Enforcement Now on Minnesota Roads

The extra DWI enforcement campaign started November 25 and runs on weekends through January 2, 2016. The statewide enforcement involves police departments, sheriff’s offices and the State Patrol. The percentage of drunk-driving related deaths compared with total traffic fatalities is significantly higher for the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday periods than other major holidays (2010 – 2014). During the first two weekends of the campaign, including the Thanksgiving holiday, law enforcement took 732 drunk drivers off Minnesota roads.

To prevent drunk driving:

  • Plan for a safe ride – designate a sober driver, use a cab/public transportation or stay at the location of the celebration.
  • Offer to be a designated driver, or be available to pick up a loved one anytime, anywhere.
  • Buckle up – the best defense against a drunk driver.
  • Report drunk driving – call 911 when witnessing impaired driving behavior. Be prepared to provide location, license plate number and observed dangerous behavior.

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Avoid Identity Theft

Have you been doing lots of shopping this holiday? You probably aren’t worried about having your identity stolen, but you should still try to be aware of it. Why? According to the https://www.ncjrs.gov/, the majority of identity theft victims (86%) experienced the fraudulent use of existing account information, such as credit card or bank account information. Most likely you are using a card during your shopping trips. That’s it is important for you to be reminded of a few things when you are shopping this holiday.



Here are some tips on how to avoid identity theft:

  • Avoid scams online and in person! Websites that starts out with the “https” will tell you that they are actual online shops. So don’t buy in on spam emails that say they are from your favorite stores. Also, the common knowledge is to avoid buying anything from people who are randomly selling products because you never know where it is from and what it is.
  • Keep track of all of your spendings! Most importantly, keep track of your credit cards and debit card. If you notice that there is money being taken out of your card, contact your bank or credit card immediately.
    • “Under federal law, your liability for unauthorized use of your credit card tops out at $50. If you report the loss of your credit card before someone else uses it, you are not responsible for any charges you didn’t authorize. If your credit card number is stolen, but not the card, you are not liable for unauthorized use.” – http://mn.gov/commerce/
    • For debit cards, it is your liability to report it as soon as possible as money is being directly taken out from your account.
  • Make sure that you buy things online buy it through Paypal or create an account with the stores so that your financial information is secured. If not, it is best to go directly to the store then clicking on a unknown link.

This Month in Japan | December


“Shiwasu, the traditional name for December, refers to teachers or priests rushing around hastily. This is because the teachers and priests at temples or shrines are busy preparing and cleaning for upcoming New Year celebrations.

The Emperor’s birthday, December 23, is the primary national holiday in Japan this month. His birthday is one of the only two occasions per year when the Imperial Grounds are open to the public. The end of year holidays on December 29, 30 and 31 that continue into the beginning of January (1-3) are also official national holidays for the purpose of enjoying the end of the year.

Bonenkai parties (or “year forgetting parties”) are often held in December with companies, organizations, families, and friends to forget the troubles and worries of the year.” – Rightful owner

Fun facts & info:


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  • Nabe is a popular dish to eat during the cold season! What is it? It’s Japanese hotpot and usually, there is a group of people eating the food that’s cooked on a pot with a gas burner. It is a great way for people to bond through eating!
  • Hotsprings or onsen, are a popular attraction year round, but even more so during the colder season. It is a public bathing house and can be indoors or outdoors. It is a great way to relax the body!
  • December is a popular month for people to visit shrines and temples as it is coming close to the New Year! People gather around from all over the country to pray and ask their wishes to come true.
  • There will be tons of festivals occurring happening all over in Japan! Just to name some, Fukugonji Fire Festival, Akou Gishisa, & Sanpoji Daikon Festival. Here is a link for more info!

Great Resources & Tips for the Holiday!

The holiday season is here and that means that there is going to be lots of family and friend gatherings accompanied by presents, music, and delicious foods. And remember to take care of yourself so that you can be in your best shape for the holiday! So forget to check out these resources down below for helpful information and fun tips:

  • The 12 Ways to Health Holiday Song was created by CDC and it’s a song about keep yourself safe and healthy for this holiday!
  • Want to try out new recipes for the holidays? Check out this link for recipes of Korean food! Or how about Hmong food recipes? And, you don’t have to choose from the links posted here as there are various websites you can choose from.



  • An alternative to hot drinks like coffee and hot chocolate is tea! Tea is a much healthier alternative with less calories and sugar. Bonus: the variety of tea available on the market is tremendous so you’ll probably find something that suits your taste. Also, you can always add ice, sugar, and mix it with other tea leaves if you want to.
  • Want to give gifts on a budget? If you’re on a budget, it’s still possible to give great gifts as long as they’re meaningful. Check out this link here for 101+ diy gift ideas and YouTube for creative and fun ideas!