Road traffic noise linked to heightened risk of midriff bulge

Recent research indicated that noise from traffic, airplanes, and trains could be responsible for expanding waistlines.

According to the research result, there was an association between road traffic noise and waist size, with a 0.21 cm increase for every additional 5 dB increase in exposure, although this was only significant among women.

At the same point, there was a link to waist:hip ratio, with a change of 0.16 for every 5 dB increase in noise exposure to road, this is specifically for men.

In addition, when people were exposed to more noise pollution at the same time, they had higher possibility to get central obesity.

However, socioeconomic factors, and lifestyle do not affect the findings, age is a critical factor. Those who are below the age of 60 are found the connection between central obesity and road traffic noise.

TIPS for preventing from traffic noise:

Barrier Wall: Construct a barrier wall between your home and the source of the traffic noise.

Buildings: consider putting up buildings to block the traffic noise place a garage, a storage shed.

Water feature: water features do not reduce traffic noise, but they provide a more pleasant background sound, helping to mask it.

Hedges: hedges are not dense enough to combat loud road noise on their own.

SOURCE for help: Road Noise Impact Control


Japan’s Onsen


“Onsen” means “hot springs” in the Japanese language. Japan has literally thousands of geothermal onsen scattered throughout the country, due to its volcanic activity, as well as “sento” or indoor public bathhouses with heated water. Onsen is really popular among tourists and in Japanese culture. Here are some facts and benefits about the onsen culture in Japan:

  • Before entering into the hot springs, people are required to shower first. In this way, you can clean your body and allow your body temperature to adjust to the heat of the hot springs. Also, onsens are for people to soak in the water and not for people to clean themselves in.
  • Onsens are enjoyed by being fully nude. Outsiders might find this quite odd, but you are allowed to bring a small cloth with you. And men and women are separated so it should more comfortable.
  • Did you know that people with tattoos aren’t allowed to show it or have to pay extra fees to be able to use onsens? Tattoos in Japan have been long outdated and ban in many areas because they can associate it with being part of the yakuza.
  • Some of the benefits of using hot springs for health is to help control blood temperature, massage body muscle, relieve painful joints, and much more. Here is a quick link about onsen’s effect on the body.
  • Best of all, it helps people to physically and mentally relax. Often times, onsen may have services such common rooms, foods, traditional clothing, and other traditional aspects that customers can enjoy to fully experience the onsen culture.

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