Postcard Highlights | March 2017

March was a month of many movements and spreading more knowledge to the world. Let’s take the time to highlight positive thinking within ourselves. With many things going around us, we can get caught up in the things that affects us negativeity. It’s important to take the time to reflect, process, and understand how is it that we perceive things. Here are some quotes to help inspire you today.

Local Farmers in the Urban City

Robert Lor displays a bitter melon, one of many he grew on more than 100 acres of rented land north of Stillwater.    (Pioneer Press: Ben Garvin)

Photo belongs to Pioneer Press: Ben Garvin) 

With spring’s arrival and summer around the corner, we encourage people to support their local farmers and markets. It supports our farmers and helps the community by having access to local, fresh, affordable, and organic foods! Minnesota has many farmers that sells a variety of produces and goods. Here are some ways in which you can support your community:

  • Be on the lookout for farmer’s markets that could potentially be anywhere! A popular spot is under the 94W bridge where people can find goods like fresh flowers, delicious grilled corn, and homemade candles! Of course, farmer’s markets are often located on busy streets or lots such as on Nicollet Ave in Minneapolis Downtown, parking lots of Asian supermarkets, and such!
  • Organic and fresh produces from local farmers are cheaper and have better quality! The grocery stores probably charges a lot for organic produces and not everyone can afford them. But local farmers are willing to sell for a better price with a guarantee for great quality.
  • It’s only seasonal, so make sure you stock up! You can’t always buy produces and goods whenever you want to. The summer season is your best time to venture out and explore what’s available in your community!
  • Become exposed to local foods & music! You can try local foods that are not found in other cities and enjoy the different things that are being offered. You’ll be exposed to a variety of cultures, fashion, and music with Minnesota’s diverse population. Expect to see lots of influences from the Somalian, Hmong, Irish, and more!